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Friday, 13 July 2012

Hijab – The latest fashion trend is on the way!

Karachi: For women who wear hijab, it not at all means to cover or engulf your torso over burdening of clothe. When Islam ensures women rights then why to bound yourself with traditional black hijab always. Look around the fashion world; It is bringing  latest trends of hijab for women.

Hijab, which bestows a protective sheath and offers her liberty to move socially, has become an increasing trend among Pakistani women. Some fashion designers have drawn attention to make this trend glamorous and to ease multi purpose clothing i.e both formal and casual stuff.
Amongst many renowned Pakistani fashion designers, is Atiya Khan, who is model-turned-hijab designer and has contributed much to boost this trend through her colorful hijab attires, scarves, stoles, burqas and abayas and head coverings for young girls and women.
Many former models have become designers of dresses, footwear and lawn but Atiya is the one who has come up with something new to the designing profession.
Her latest collection contains beautifully embellished hijabs with glittery trims, laces, sequins, embroidery and even pearls and stones work for formal wear. Not only the unique embellishments but hijab colors, prints and designs are versatile, making Pakistani women note worthy and beautiful.
So all the hijabi fashionistas go glam and adopt the latest trend, you don’t need to step out in black shaft anymore. The trendy collection is on the way....

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