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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Top Online Shopping Stores in Pakistan with Cash on Delivery - ProPakistanis

The cash on delivery service is one of the most promising services which can be provided by a website involved in online buying and selling. Provision of such services is becoming more and more important, as we know the concept of online shopping is gaining popularity with each passing day. Even though online shopping is gaining popularity but that still doesn’t mean that Pakistan has completely accepted the online buying and selling trend. This lack of acceptance can be attributed to the fact that there is a general lack of trust when it comes to online transaction and hence, we need such amenities to prove to the people that we are a reliable and safe website. However, there are some online shopping websites which have recently introduced “Cash on Delivery” option for online buyers in Pakistan.
Some of the best and major online shopping stores in Pakistanoffering “COD” include:- is an online shopping marketplace in Pakistan, where trusted sellers can buy and sell anything from electronics to books, from perfumes to cell phones and any other thing. All the customer has to do is order the products from the website andAzmalo.pkguarantees to deliver the product directly to you. It also has payment options specifically designed to suit everyone, these services include:
Cash on delivery:With this service, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order at your doorstep. The whole process comprises of three simple steps, firstly, you make a purchase using the payment on delivery option so that your product is booked. Secondly, Customer Care department will call you to confirm your Order before it gets dispatched. Thirdly, upon receiving your order you can first check the product and if you feel satisfied,you can pay our delivery agent. Safepay: This service allows you to directly place money in Azmalo website’s bank account and once they get your confirmation from you that you have received the right product, only then will they release the payment to the seller. is most probably the only website which is offering such a service of safe payment to its buyers so that customer can shop online in Pakistan with full confidence without any fear of online fraud.
Azmalo Guarantee:Using this service online buyer can get his product replaced or repaired and incase, the company fails to repair the product then will reimburse the money used for that online order.
The websiteaims to change the viewpoint of people regarding online shopping through its safe and reliable services. The website also provides a great forum to all the sellers out there to market their products using Azmalo’s promotional channels. is a website which is dedicated to providing the latest, stylish and most reliable shopping experience when it comes to fashion. They are known for their wide variety of products, they have the most expensive as well as the most reasonably priced products available for everyone. They have included products from a wide scope of brands: established foreign names to Pakistan’s local retail entities. They pride themselves for providing the product to people as quickly as possible, once you place the order it takes up to 5 business days to get your product.
As Daraz caters to the people who want easy access to the latest fashion, then the payment options are very important as customers can only be sure about their products once they try them. So Daraz supports the following payment options:
Cash on Delivery: Using this service, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. also uses the same process as to help increase the convenience of online shopping.
Credit/Debit Cards: They offer credit/debit card payments through Visa, MasterCard and card number will be protected using SSL.
Net Banking: Net Banking payments through Standard Chartered Bank are also offered by, the information provided by customers will also be protected using industry-leading encryption standards. Also, all net banking transactions are processed over a secure encrypted connection.
Telenor Easypaisa: Using this service you can pay via Telenor Easypaisa by visiting any outlet, anywhere in Pakistan or by using an Easypaisa Mobile Account.
The only disadvantage of using is that there are shipping costs for ordering products which can prove to be a disadvantage but offers free shipping on all orders placed on their website above Rs. 1500.
Symbios is one of the largest and the most trusted sites when it comes to buying and selling of electronics in Pakistan. One of the best features of is that it offers free delivery anywhere in Pakistan and delivers orders within 24-48 hours of working days.Symbios offers a range of products like automobile accessories, mobile phones, Apple products, computers and laptops, watches and various other goods.
As Symbios mainly focuses on the provision of the latest technology and electronics to the people. Hence, to earn the trust of the people they provide payment options such as:
Pay at Doorstep:Using this service, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order.
Online Bank Transfer: You can pay via online Bank Transfer
Easy Paisa service: Using this service you can use the Easypaisa mobile account to pay for the products that one orders.
Also, Symbios accepts money transfers from anywhere in the world as a source of payment for their products.
Currently Symbios, Daraz and are major online websites which are taking steps in order to create a large customer base. The provision of all these services listed above plays a major role when it comes to increasing the level of trust and reliability people place on online shopping in Pakistan. All major e-commerce websites are coming up with innovative ways/services in order to cope with the mistrust prevalent amongst the Pakistani population. If this struggle to eradicate the suspicion on online transactions continues we may see an e-commerce revolution in Pakistan in the next few years.
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