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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

India Blocks Songs.PK

Through court orders, access to Songs.PK – a notoriously popular website for pirated music – has been blocked throughout India on all ISPs, following a petition filed by a music company and two industry bodies.
Songs.PK is largely known for allowing its visitors to download free Indian and Pakistani music without having redistribution rights.
It merits mentioning here that Songs.PK is operated by a Pakistani webmaster. Website receives millions of hits per month and has global alexa ranking of 891 (as of today).
Website claims to have huge range of music audio files covering over 90 percent of all bollywood and Pakistani music, freely available for download.
Reportedly, Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)– a UK based licensing company, Indian Music Industry (IMI) and Sagarika Pvt. Ltd had filed a petition in Calcutta High Court for banning the website for violating copyrights of hundreds of thousands music audios.
High Court has ordered all major internet service providers in India to block the access to Songs.PK through DNS name blocking, IP address blocking via routers and DPI based URL blocking.
Music companies in Pakistan have recently geared up to curb pirated music websites, which may lead to a ban of such websites in Pakistan too.
Via ZDNet

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