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Thursday, 19 July 2012

NADRA Will Launch Smart NICOP and Smart CNIC Together on Independence Day This Year: ProPakistanis

NADRA will launch Smart NICOP and Smart CNIC together on Independence Day this year.Smart NICOP will provide 2.5 million overseas Pakistanis in Europe with priority travel, banking facilities and increased security as well as the existing visa-free entry to Pakistan. NADRA plans to bring out a number of services on the Smart Card and these will be provided upon availability. The card is programmed with a match-on-card applet which first confirms the biometrics of the user and then grants access to it.

The card is printed on multiple layers of polycarbonate material, each layer containing its own security features. This card is hence the securest in the world and protects the data of citizens at every level, spokesman of NADRA said.

NADRA Smart NICOP will help trace and catch those Pakistanis who are staying illegally in the UK. This was promised by former PM of Pakistan Yousaf Raza to PM of UK Cameron.
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