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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Effect of Cell Phone Radiations on Physical & Psychological Health 
Dr. Fareeha Zafar: ProPakistanis

Dr.Fareeha Zafar delivered a Seminar on 

 Effect of Cell Phone Radiations on Physical & Psychological Health 
 at University of South Asia, Lahore.

Ph.D Mobile & Cellular Networks -UK 

Ph.D  Wireless Networks  – UK 
M.Phill  Cellular Networks –UK

Back Ground
The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health is the subject of recent interest and study, as a result of the enormous increase in MP usage throughout the world 
In  June 2010, there were more than 5.4 billion users worldwide  =>  5 4000,000,000 
 Mobile phones use  electromagnetic Radiations  in The Micro wave Range. 
A cell phone tower and a home computer's wireless router are both examples of base stations. 
Q- What does your Cell Phone do, when you  make a telephone Call?
When you make a cell phone call, your phone and a nearby cell phone tower communicate back and forth using low-power radiofrequency (RF) energy.  
RF energy (sometimes called RF emissions, RF waves)  is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes microwave radiation,  X-rays etc .
 Health concerns are sometimes expressed by people who live or work closely to base station antennas located on towers, poles  or rooftops
Statistics of Mobile Subscribers 
Telecom sector is seeing exorbitant growth in Pakistan. The sector is said to be growing at a fast pace yearly. 
        =>  117% 
Mobile subscribers are more than 100 million as of Oct 2010. 
According to the PTA, 
Mobilink continues to lead the market with 31.4 million subscribers
Telenor  (24.01 million)
Ufone (20.18 million)
Warid (17.16 million) and 
Zong (7.78 million).
Communication connection between two mobile:

SAR- Specific Absorption Rate
SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed into a head whilst using a cellular phone,
The higher the SAR rating the more radiation that is absorbed into the head. The maximum levels for modern handsets have been set by governmental regulating agencies in many countries. 
The  US,  Federal of Communications Commission  (FCC) has set a SAR limit of 1.6 W/kg, averaged over a volume of 1 gram of tissue, for the head

Maximum Power Transmit 

The Federal Communications Commission sets specific absorption rate “SAR” standard which is acceptable power radiation on for cell phones must not exceed1.6 W/KG.
The lower the SAR the beGer the phone,from a potential health hazard

Our bodies make good antennas
o   Our bodies can pick up electromagnetic radiation like the antenna of a radio set.
o  It makes currents flowinsideus.
o     Blood vessels conduct DC and low
o     High frequencies can also pass through cell membranes.

Mobile phone signals
o     GSM phones compress the digital speech data into a series of Microwave pulses that are transmitted at a biologically active low frequency (217 Hz).
o     Within each pulse, the coded speech signal is also pulsating.
o     So, information-carrying signals are potentially more damaging.
Cell phones Damage DNA
o     Many studies have shown that the radiation from GSM phones breaks DNA molecules in cultured cells within 24 hours.
Cell phones reduce male fertility
o     Several studies have shown significant reductions in sperm count and viability in heavy cell phone users.
o     This is an expected consequence from damage to the DNA of cells in the germ line.
o     Further consequences are genetic mutations that will appear in future generations.
Electromagnetic exposure Stimulates the Brain
o     Electromagnetically-induced membrane leakage in neurones will increase their cytosolic calcium concentration.
o     Programmed rises in cytosolic calcium are a normal prerequisite for the release of neurotransmitters that pass signals to other neurones.
o     A higher background concentration means this happens sooner and speeds our reaction time to simple stimuli.

Membrane leakage and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
o     In addition to its speeding signal transmission, membrane leakage in neurones will also increase the production of *spurious signals.
o     These will stimulate random thoughts, create a mental fog, and result in a loss of concentration.
o     Tasks that could be affected include learning in classrooms fitted with Wifi and driving a car while using a cell phone (even hands-free types have this effect).
**False/Bogus/un authentic
DECT phones and Wifi
o     The continuous radiation from most DECT cordless phone base stations and Wifi routers can have similar effects to exposure to cell phone base     stations.
o     Wifi and DECT baby alarms should be avoided.

Q-Why are we not all affected?
o     This is due to natural biological variability.
o     Some people may be pre-disposed to radiation damage because of low blood calcium or magnesium.
o     Others may have weaker defence mechanisms.
o     Many people are electro-sensitive but do not realise it; they have the symptoms, but because they are permanently exposed to the radiation, they regard them as “normal”.

According to our teenagers :
Ø     70% of teenagers think that mobile phone is luxury for them.
Ø     According to survey 80% of young generation has packages for calls and
Ø     We observed that 90% of teenagers place their mobile phones near them while sleeping.
Ø    60% teenagers think that sleeping pattern is disturbed due to excessive mobile phone usage.
Ø     100% think that people get headache due to massive use of mobile phone.
Ø     However we observed that 100% of teenagers think that mobile phone radiation affect human health but still it’s a need of today.
According to Parents: Social Impacts
Ø     80% parents allow their children to use mobile phone.
Ø     70% Parents report that their children use mobile phone for making calls
        without permission .
Ø     Although mobile phone affects human health but still only 60% of parents have an idea remaining 40% are unaware of it.
Ø     According to this survey 100% parents think that young generation misuse this facility.
Ø     50% ratio of parents thinks that mobile phone usage affects social relationship.
Ø     100% parents say that mobile phone creates a bridge between genders having affairs.
Ø     We observed that 70% parents think that there is disconnection or isolation between an individual with other family members due to mobile phone
According to police and law enforcement agents:
Surveys and research have been conducted within over 25 police stations and interviewing group of 70 ppl from this group
Ø     We observed that 80% of police and law enforcement agents think that mobile phone is a mode of terrorism.
Ø     90% agents say that mobile phone is helpful in committing fraud.
Ø     80% agents think that it promotes crime.
Ø     The ratio of 60% officers who think this facility have a negative impact remaining are unaware of it.
Ø     We observed that 70% police and agents think that anyone can leak out secret information through mobile phone easily.
Ø     Although it has negative affects but it is useful in rescuing and in search operations that is why only 50% agents think to ban it and try to find   another mode of communication.
Ø     100% police and agents think that mobile phone is a mode of claiming ransom from innocent people.
According to doctors and psychiatrists:
70% of our expert doctors and Psychiatrists believe that mobile phone Radiation effects Human health.
Ø     Only 40% doctors think that children have a higher risk of developing cancer than adults due to its usage.
Ø     70% experts think that it places a sign of ear burn while calls when there is a massive use of calling.
Ø     60% doctors think that it cause high blood pressure remaining 40% says that it is not scientifically proved.
Ø     Only 20% doctors in Pakistan and 66 % abroad think that mobile phone radiation increase tumor risk remaining 80% & 44% resp. are disagreed may be they are unaware of it.
Ø     76% psychiatrists think that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone usage on oxidative stress & mood Swings
Ø     According to this Research 90% experts says that mobile phone rays are very harmful to pregnant women.
Ø     50% neurosurgeons think that mobile phone radiation affects on brain.
Ø     70% experts think that it affects the human behavior.
Ø     80% think it is psychologically effect the person who uses it excessively.
Ø     We observed that 40% doctors think that it cause people get headache remaining 60% are unaware of it.
Ø     78% think that mobile phone radiation is somehow responsible for memory loss
Ø     According to this survey 50% experts think that it become a cause of numbness and tingling.
Ø     60% experts says mobile phone radiation affect the central nervous system
Worst Effected Group!
Ø     We observed that 90% employees of telecom sector think that taking calls affect human nature.
Ø     70% employees think that a person who works in call centre usually has ear infection.
Ø     90% employees think people get headache due to massive usage of mobile phone on calls.
Ø     According to this survey 90% employees think that it affect human health.
Ø     Internet study tells that mobile phone radiations affects on human health, it cause tumor, foliage, heart problems, cancer, high blood pressure, oxidative stress, headache, numbness and tingling and many more. But according to this survey some expert doctors says that it affects the working of heart devices like pace makers, cardio devices which are implanted.
Ø     After comparing all the variables that are teenagers, parents, police and law enforcement agents, doctors and psychiatrists, employees of telecom sector 
We conclude that although mobile phone facilitate us very much and it becomes a need of everyone but on the other hand we unaware that we are paying a heavy cost of it with our health.
Bottom line
Cell phone are good but the Radiation it causes is damaging human’s Physical & mental health

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