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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Free Laptops with Costly Giveaway Ceremonies

We appreciated Punjab Government when they first announced the free giveaway of 100,000 laptops to brightest of the students in the province.
We are also proud of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif for many other ventures he has endured lately, particularly for those catering the IT industry.

Having said this, we are yet to ascertain the need of significantly large amount of funds that are being wasted by Punjab Government (or by its departments) for the laptop giveaway ceremonies; which are being held in almost every district of the province.
I do agree that there are so many other things in our country that can be avoided to save money, but these giveaway ceremonies are one of them. We are resource-less country; let’s not waste our hard earn money on such things just to grab some slogans.
I can assure you, if you did well, you will be rewarded without lavish ceremonies and high standing banners.
I am in business myself and I do consider cost in every step I take. I research well before ordering anything, hiring a resource or before selecting any service for my company; that’s because I am a small company with limited resources. I was just wondering, why our rulers can’t think the same way. They are equally poor as I am, then why this disparity in actions?
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