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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Exclusive: Mobilink Signs Atif Aslam as Brand Ambassador for Jazba

The big news is that Mobilink has signed Atif Aslam as brand ambassador for its Jazba brand, which gonna see a re-launch tomorrow.
According to information shared by Jazba team, exclusively with ProPakistanis, Jazba brand will be re-launched with emphasis on the individuality and passion of the youth of Pakistan.
Jazba’s new brand philosophy indicates that Life is too short for ‘buts’ and ‘what if’s’. Your mission is to commit. Are you ready to take the plunge? Unlock the Unknown!
Atif Aslam, probably youth’s most favorite pop singer, has recorded an exclusive song for Jazba as well as a TVC, as part of the launch of Jazba’s new persona.
This video and TVC will be aired on all mainstream channels tomorrow, however, ProPakistain will show you an exclusive glimpse before that.
In addition, Jazz Jazba will have a new website (earlier it was where you can get more info and details about the new Jazba brand.
Stay tuned for Atif Aslam’s song preview, which ProPakistanis gonna break in a while.
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