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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Face Mask Could Recharge Mobile Phones

A Brazilian designer has come up with a concept phone charger that uses the power of the human lungs to recharge mobile phones, or other gadgets.
The idea is that the user wears a face mask and the pressure from their breathing then drives tiny turbines in the mask that can generate electricity.
João Paulo Lammoglia said that the product is just a concept at the moment, as the technology for the design doesn't currently exist.
But selling the product isn't the point of the design, he said. "I believe the concept is the most important because it gives another perspective about how to look at energy," he told The Huffington Post.
Lammoglia said that the inspiration for AIRE -- which won a Red Dot Design Award for Design Concept in 2011 -- came from seeing children blowing on pinwheels

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