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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Now Upload & Download Files with “Ufone File Share” Service

Ufone brings Ufone File Share service in which you can easily upload files to Ufone server and download it at any time.
Now you can share all your work related or personal files with any Ufone user you want, from the comfort of your phone with UFONE FILE SHARE. This easy to use service lets you share files in any format other than .exe, on the go. So wait no more to be near a computer to carry out your work, do it right on your phone.
How to Use this Service:
To get Ufone File Share, simply SMS ‘Share’ to 8288 for just Rs. 2+tax and get the link to the portal.
Using Ufone GPRS, access the link and use the service to upload or download files without any subscription charges.
Standard GPRS Charges apply for browsing the portal and downloading/uploading of files.
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