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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Selling Punjab Youth Laptop is Illegal

After we did yesterday’s post aboutindividuals selling their laptops on OLX that they got through Punjab Youth laptop program, Junaid Munir, a ProPakistani reader pointed us out that selling these laptops in open market or to anyone in FnF is not allowed.
Junaid’s claim is backed by an undertaking that every student has to sign before receiving the laptop.
According to the undertaking, selling these laptops to anyone is not allowed, and if anyone found in violation of undertaking can become under the hammer of legal and administrative action from Punjab government.
Following is what the undertaking reads exactly:
I, __________________S/D/o ____________________CNIC # __________________ 
R/o __________________________________________________________________ 
understand that Government of the Punjab is giving me a laptop computer as a gift, in recognition of my academic achievements. I do hereby undertake that:-
(i) I am eligible as per criteria specified for award of laptop, and accept the gift of laptop from Government of Punjab.
(ii) This laptop computer shall be used only for academic research and improvement of my IT skills.
(iii) This laptop computer shall NOT be sold to anyone.
(iv) I am not employed anywhere and not availing HEC scholarship (for Ph.D/ M.Phil students).
I also understand that in case of any misuse of this laptop or any attempt to sell it to any other person, Government of the Punjab reserves all rights to take administrative / legal action against me.
Undertaking is available here for your review:
This undertaking also serves as a response to those who think that gifted laptops are students’ property now and they can do whatever they want to, which is of course not the case.
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