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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mobile Phone Jammers Being Used by Car Lifters to Jam Vehicle Tracking Devices: ProPakistanis

Mobile phone jamming devices, which are termed illegal by PTA, are being used by car lifters when they break into a car to jam vehicle tracking devices.
During interrogation of a car lifter, who was arrested in Chakwal recently, made shocking revelations by disclosing that they use a mobile phone jamming device to jam the tracking devices installed by vehicle tracking companies to track the present location of cars.
It maybe recalled that vehicles tracking companies keep real time track of cars/vehicles through a cellular SIM and GPS data retrieved from devices installed in cars. These devices stop transmitting data to server when a mobile phone jammer is switched on.
Hence, a mobile phone jammer – worth Rs. 50,000 or less – can make your tracking device useless posing an ultimate security threat for your cars’ safety, despite whatever your vehicle tracking company claims.
Abbas Khan, a car lifter arrested in Chakwal, revealed that they use car lighter battery to power the mobile phone jammer. This helps them keep the jammer switched on throughout their journey until the car is reached to a safe house (usually somewhere in Peshawar) where tracker is searched and physically removed from the car.
One may wonder, how to secure a car especially when tracking devices can be disabled so easily.
You can watch the complete video below to know how exactly car lifters steal a car. Mobile jammer part is shown at 8:20 seconds.
Complete report is shown below:

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