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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Online Vehicle Verification System for Karachi / Sindh Launched: ProPakistanis

Excise and Taxation Department of Sindh has launched an online portal for verification of vehicles in Sindh, including Karachi. Tipped by Asad Memom, a ProPakistani reader, it appears that portal is just launched with no official announcement.

You can access the online vehicle verification for Sindh / Karachi here:

You may call it bad SEO or bad URL naming, but that is how it is.
You are suppose to enter the Registration No of your car/vehicle and portal will return you with sufficient information about your vehicle. Which, according to some, is privacy invasion. They believe that such information shouldn’t be kept online – just because it can land into wrong hands for misuse.
Let’s take an example of of this advert for a Honda Civic car on a classified website, which has pictures of the car available as well. We got the plate number from the pictures and entered it into online vehicle verification system.
Here was the registration number: AB-3243
While below is the information returned by verification system:
As apparent from above screen shot, Some vehicle owners, may not want to get their information displayed publicly on internet – while others may find it a good, easy and timely solution for verifying the status of their cars.
It merits mentioning here that there is no personal information provided by online vehicle verification system, rather it displays only the necessary information about the vehicle and the owner’s name.
It maybe recalled that Punjab has online vehicle verification system as well. It can be accessed here:
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