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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Punjab Police To Start Electronic FIR Registration and Cyber Crime Prevention Unit: ProPakistanis

Bilal Javed, Director Information, CTD, Punjab Police
When someone think of Punjab Police what comes into mind is couple of aliens sitting just to make things adverse for general public.
I believe things are no more the same, few good men inside are willing to change old draconian ‘Thanaa’ culture.
At e-Governance exhibition recently held at Arfa Technology Park under the umbrella of PITB, we happened to hear few good things about Punjab Police from Mr. Bilal Javed who is currently heading the IT cell of the department. According to him there are following major initiatives that government has planned to reshape the police department.
100 model Police Stations
PROMISE is the name of project which is electronically connecting 100 model police station with each other in Punjab. In the first phase, police department is installing the CCTV cameras to monitor each and every activity inside a police station from our central monitoring hub. Soon we will introduce the E-Filing system of First Information Report (FIR) through a web enabled interface. This will get rid of old error-prone culture and expedite the process for general public without any hassle.
Cyber Crime Prevention and Investigation Unit
For the prevention of Electronic Crimes, police department is going to introduce Cyber Crime Prevention and Investigation Unit. The unit will track and monitor websites, blogs and other social networks for anti-social and anti-country content. It will also provide shield to the online transactions. The unit will also monitor the mobile phone communication and for this, department has asked the federal government for their permission and required protocol.
Electronic Attendance
We have introduced the biometrics for the attendance of all our personnel in Police and we have linked it with the payroll system that will eventually eradicate the problem of ‘Ghost Employees’ in the Police Dept.
Radio Frequency Identification Technology
Through Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) we are monitoring all the assets of Punjab Police including vehicles, ammunition and other belonging of Police so that only authorized personnel could establish the right to use them.
We are going to install these chips in the private vehicles all across the province which will let us monitor them at any point of time. We are installing the RFID readers at all 50 entry/exit points of Lahore along with the main arteries where these e-readers will help us control the menace of terrorist activities in case a vehicle has been stolen and is intended to be used for any such crime. We will connect the vehicle with Excise and Taxation department that will help government to eliminate the defaulters of token tax.
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