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Sunday, 1 July 2012

What I Hate About Android Smartphones: ProPakistanis

  • Android will never show you correct SMS time. If you turn on your phone at 8am, and you receive pending SMS messages. It will tell you received/sent time 8am, instead of the correct time when they were sent. So you won't be able to know when your friends send you SMS.
  • You cannot charge your phone battery in offline mode. It will force start.
  • Android phones come with SMS sending limits. 100 SMS per hour sending limit. If you are sending an Eid Mubarak SMS which is of 5 SMS, Android phone will give you serious headache after sending it to only 20 people.
  • Till Android 4.0, Android didn't update their SMS application. All came with very basic SMS messaging features. Even cheap Chinese normal phones (3USD priced) phone have more messaging features than an Android phone.
  • You cannot change themes in your Android phones.
  • Different Android devices, diferent hardware. So most of applications, specially games come for expensive Android phones only. I like iPhone at this place, there they have only one hardware series.
  • New software every year, makes my Android phone outdated. Very limited software update support by manufacturers. Apple is still giving support to its 4 years old device. Microsoft have announced that they will give support to their devices for at least 18 months.
  • No good games, all low entertainment games come with ads and good games are not free, and most of them do not work on 50% of Android phones, only on high end devices.
  • No proper Urdu/Arabi/Farsi language support. Finally after 5 years Google have announced that they are going to improve Urdu, Arabi, Farsi language support in Android 4.1 JellyBeans devices. Now you gotta waste more money to buy another Android phone with Android 4.1 version software.
  • When an Android phone screen is locked = wifi goes offline which disconnects Internet connectivity, SMS app on sleep, pending SMS sending fails, processor sleeps to save battery.
  • No stable multitasking till Android 2.3. There was very stable multitasking in old Symbian OS of Nokia phones (eg Nokia 6600) where it is possible to run more than 4 applications at a time and switch between them very easily.

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