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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ufone Exhorts Regaining National Glory: ProPakistanis

How good were those days when August 14th celebrations, with spirit for decorating our homes and streets and more, were easily the best in the year.
How splendor the feelings were then and so was the festivity throughout August.
August 14th meant high raising flags, green and white dresses, playing national songs (in high-volume), visiting monuments and places of national significance, meeting relatives, exchanging gifts, visiting recreational spots and what not. In-availability of public transport and traffic jams used to be other highlights of Independence day.
Not that it is all lost now, but those who have remained kids during 80’s, 90’s or before can count the difference in looks of the August celebrations.
This is exactly what is highlighted by Ufone in its recent TVC, specifically attributed for August 14th celebrations. Ufone has tried to link the spirits we had then for our national celebrations with current times and how this lack of enthusiasm during August has impacted our national performance. Ufone has ignited the right channel to put many hearts back on track.
Ufone has rightly pinched the need for Going Green, the need for keeping our flags strong and high for a badly needed comeback. Indeed this is the time when we need to recollect ourselves – to get our focus back to prosperity, triumph and to raise national integrity. Like Wasim Akram said in the ad:
Aaj Agar hum jhanda lehrana shuru karein gain to Shayyad hum dobarra gaarna bhi shuru kar dain gain.

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