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Friday, 5 October 2012

Cybernet Holds Introduction Events for its Cloud Solution - ProPakistanis

Cybernet recently held events to introduce their infrastructure service to the IT market in Pakistan.
The events, titled “Leveraging the Cloud to Build a Smart Organization” took place in Lahore and Karachi on the 18th and the 26thof September respectively.
The service, branded as RapidCompute is claimed by company as Pakistan’s first cloud computing service and falls under the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) category of cloud computing.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Imran Khan (VP Corporate Sales) explained the idea of building a smart organization in detail. He touched upon the ways through which an organization can engage IT infrastructure and services experts to manage their IT needs and as a result, find more time to concentrate on their core businesses. According to him, RapidCompute provides organizations with the flexibility to instantly scale up or down their IT resources to match their business requirements.
The second speaker, Mr. Zaeem Arshad (Division Head – RapidCompute) identified the criteria to assess an enterprise cloud offering. This includes storage, network, security, support and automation. He provided a basic demonstration of RapidCompute’s self service portal, which allows customers to provision their RapidMachines at practically the blink of an eye. He also mentioned the applications – CRM, ERP, HR and Payroll among others that can be run on RapidCompute with significant ease. He felt that backup and Disaster Recovery are two areas where cloud can serve the customers really well. In his opinion, the sole involvement of local engineers to setup RapidCompute was the most important achievement for Cybernet.
Mr. Salman Siddiqui – Channel Sales Lead, Microsoft Pakistan was also at hand to talk about RapidCompute’s Service Provider License Arrangement with Microsoft. This allows RapidCompute to bundle licensed Microsoft software with its RapidMachines at monthly charges. These charges are a fraction of the cost that companies have to bear today for perpetual licenses. He stressed upon the commitment that Microsoft being one of the largest global software vendors has to partner and support cloud computing in Pakistan.
The event was concluded by Mr. Danish Ali Lakhani (Chief Operating Officer) who thanked the attendees and explained that Cloud is the next evolutionary step in terms of computing. A Pakistan based cloud computing service such as RapidCompute is a step in the direction of providing sustainable computing infrastructure services for the local industry.
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