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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Idioms (“A”) - Education through Web and Mobile Media in Pakistan - ProPakistanis

A group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word understood on its own is known as idiom.
Cambridge Advance Learner’s Dictionary

1.     A bad debt:    ڈوبا ہوا قرض
The bank is facing with difficulties owing to bad debts.

2.     A bird’s eye view:    سرسری نظر
I cannot comment on this book because I have only a bird’s eye view of it.

3.     A blue stocking:    ادبی ذوق رکھنے والی خاتون
She is regarded as a blue–stocking in literary circles.

4.     A bolt from the blue:    ناگہانی آفت
The untimely death of his father proved a bolt from the blue for him.

5.     A bone of contention/ An apple of discord:    فساد کی جڑ
The undivided property became a bone of contention between the two brothers.

6.     A bull in a china shop:    غیر محتاط شخص
7.     He shouts even in the hospital because he is a bull in a china shop.

8.     A burning question:    اہم معاملہ
Terrorism is a burning question nowadays for the whole world.

9.     A cry in the wilderness:    صدا بصحرا، بے کار کوشش
I hope your efforts will not prove a cry in the wilderness.

10.   A dark horse:    چھپا رستم
He proved to be a dark horse by beating the champion in chess.

11.   A dead letter:    کالعدم قانون
Capital punishment is a dead letter in some countries.

12.   A fair-weather friend:    مطلبی دوست
A fair-weather friend deserts at the time of adversity.

13.   A feather in one’s cap:    اعزاز
His brilliant success in speech competition was another feather in his cap.
14.   A fish out of water:    بے چین، مضطرب
When her only son was lost, she felt like a fish out of water.

15.   A fly in the ointment:    رنگ میں بھنگ
A pessimist person is a fly in the ointment in every gathering.

16.   A fool’s paradise:    خام خیالی، احمقوں کی جنت
Those who do nothing but cherish mere dreams, live in a fool’s paradise.

17.   A good turn:    بھلا، امدادی کام
He has done many a good turn in his life.

18.   A hard pill to swallow/ A hard nut to crack/ A tough nut to crack:    مشکل کام
To get good marks in examination without preparation is a hard pill to swallow.

19.   A house of cards:    ناپائدار چیز
Life is no more than a house of cards.

20.   A kick in the teeth:    دھچکا لگنا، نقصان اٹھانا
The world economy had a kick in the teeth in recent years.

21.   A labour of love:    بلا معاوضہ کام
Although it was a labour of love yet she worked day in and day out in hospital.

22.   A laughing stock:    ہنسی کا نشانہ
Owing to her wagging tongue, she is always a laughing stock to her classmates.

23.   A nine days’ wonder:    چار دن کی چاندنی
Your current affectation of trying hard is just a nine days’ wonder.

24.   A red-letter day/A gala day:    خوشی کا دن
August 14 is a red-letter day for Pakistani nation.

25.   A rolling stone:    بار بار رائے بدلنے والا
A rolling stone gathers no moss./ Rolling stones never succeed in their aims.

26.   A sugar daddy:    عیاش بوڑھا
A sugar daddy is not seen with respect.

27.   A walk over:    بلا مقابلہ فتح
He had no competitor and had a walk over to the final.

28.   A white elephant:    سفید ہاتھی
A car is a white elephant for a poor man.

29.   A wild goose chase:    لا حاصل چیز کا تعاقب
To appear in the examination without preparation is a wild goose chase.

30.   Above board:    واضح، کھلا
He makes his dealings above board.

31.   To add fuel to fire/ to add insult to injury:    جلتی پر تیل ڈالنا
First of all his insulting behaviour and then humiliating remarks added fuel to fire.

32.   After one’s own heart:    طبیعت کے عین مطابق
He furnished his house after his own heart.

33.   To be all and end all:    مقصد حیات ہونا
Acquisition of wealth is not the all and end all of life.

34.   All in all:    مختار کل
Allah Almighty is all in all in His affairs.

35.   An eye-wash:    دھوکہ، فریب
Your promise to work hard is just an eye-wash.

36.   Apple of one’s eyes:    آنکھوں کا تارا
He is the apple of his parents’ eyes.

37.   At a pinch:    مشکل حالات میں
I sought his help when I was at a pinch.

38.   At a stone’s throw:    قریب
My office is at a stone’s throw from my house.

39.   At a stretch:    لگاتار، مسلسل
It rained at a stretch yesterday and many crops were damaged.

40.   At an arm’s length:    دور، پرے، فاصلے پر
You should keep that rogue at an arm’s length.

41.   At daggers drawn:    دشمن
They were fast friends but now they are at daggers drawn with each other.

42.   At eleventh hour:    آخری/عین وقت پر
He promised to help me but backed out at the eleventh hour.

43.   At home in:    ماہر
He is at home in Mathematics.

44.   At length:    مسلسل، روانی سے
Women are in habit of talking at length.

45.   At one’s wits’ end:    بد حواس
When the thief was caught red handed, he was at his wits’ end.

46.   At sea/All at sea:    حیران و سراسیمہ
He was at sea when he heard the news of his failure.

47.   At sixes and sevens:    منتشر، بکھرا ہوا
The factory workers left everything at sixes and sevens and went on strike.

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