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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

LinkDotNet DSL vs PTCL DSL Comparison

I recommend you LinkdotNet DSL service instead of PTCL DSL

Why? Because Link Dot Net  DSL gives you:\
  • Better quality services
  • Better email and call center customer care and support. PTCL have very poor customer care support for DSL users
  • No extra or hidden charges in your monthly bill
  • No delay to customer complaints and requests
  • Less DSL disconnections (most of the time because of your PTCL line problems)
  • Up link time is longer compared to PTCL DSL
  • I was having PTCL DSL on same line with multiple disconnections every day. Now on my same link having LDN (LinkDotNet) without any disconnections. I have verified up to 5 days up link without any disconnection.
  • update 14th march 2012: PTCL have put download limits on their DSL connections, where LDN services remain unlimited.
  • update 14th march 2012: PTCL have monthly fees for 1MB DSL package

I have used PTCL DSL for more than 2 years but now I am very happy with LDN services, will never go back to PTCL DSL even if they are giving double speeds etc. (I am not having fibre optic PTCL line)
What is the use of double speeds when service is not stable and their customer support is not coming to your help for several weeks.

If you have your own DSL modem then you can get 150Rs discount from LDN bill every month. Like I am using my own modem and I pay 735Rupees including all taxes per month for 1MB student package with LDN.

  • Order LinkDotNet connection online (Limited cities) (link works only with Internet Explorer browser)
  • Use referral program to get 500Rs discount for one month.

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