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Friday, 30 March 2012

Mobile Phones Act As Popular Sources For Internet Browsing In Rural China

Cell phones are the most well liked source to flick through the Internet in rural parts of China. However, a survey revealed that a digital split is still developing between China’s urban and rural areas. 
Rural parts of China had more than hundred million users of the Internet at the completion of the previous year. This accounted for a meager 15% of the total rural population of China, as revealed by a report that was put online by the CNNIC, the government managed supervisor of all the Internet domain names in China. That is compared to the 45% of people who are online in urban areas, a crack that kept on widening for the past 2 years, the report stated.

China has everything from super developed urban cities to poor and simple farming and fishing villages. The country’s mobile carriers and media have announced the rollout of 3G mobile phone services out in the previous year. However, most of China’s population of one and a half billion people is outside the reach of superior communication technology.
CNNIC performed a count of the number of people in China who use the internet, which amounted to about 384million. This is the most by any country. However, this is still not even one thirds of China’s total population.
The report by CNNIC blamed the deficient information, small incomes and poor infrastructure for the sluggish development of the use of the Internet in rural parts China. Internet users from rural parts of China are more probable than the urban users to be minimally educated, revealed the report. They make use of the Internet to play online games and download music. However, they are less probable than the users from urban areas to utilize it for money related services like shopping online or online payment, the report revealed.
The stats portray an assorted picture for the mobile carriers of China as they are trying to expand their reach into the rural areas and convince more and more users to shell out money for 3G services. 2 people in every 3 rural Internet users from China went online through their cell phones last year which is a noteworthy rise from the year before last. However, users from rural areas remain weakly connected and do not have the high spending power with them.
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