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Friday, 30 March 2012

Newbay Clears Haze Around Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may not remain an unclear subject anymore. This is because the cloud computing revolution has begun and all the major carriers in the industry have started prioritizing media convergence.
On the other hand, most of the carriers are still unaware about the potential of cloud computing. Irish company, Newbay hopes to change this situation.

Newbay has 2 offices; one in Dublin and one in Seattle. Because of this, Newbay thinks that it could lighten the weight of various jobs such as the tracking of a subscriber’s text messages, social networking activities, voicemail and e-mail. The concept behind cloud computing is that all the information should be accessible from any given place and any device.

Newbay believes that there will come a day that all the information will be stored in the cloud. Hence, it is offering a content ecosystem called LifeCache. LifeCache allows all the users to create their own digital lives, store it and share it with friends and acquaintances without any hindrance. That means all the information can be accessible from any given place and with the help of any device that has an internet browser. These devices include tablets, personal computers and e-books.
Newbay also believes that all the major telecom operators in the world are looking into the subject of cloud computing seriously. It mentioned that it is ready to share the software that is required to work this kind of service with any of the operators.
Newbay’s potential to create any kind of user friendly service is widely known. It is responsible for popular services like myFaves from T-Mobile and Bluebook from O2. It is also the proud service provider of close to 80 million users. It looks forward to containing the information of about 10 billion people in its own cloud.
In other words, Newbay is providing a service by which its subscribers can store and share all their information with all their acquaintances and access the same from any given place and with the help of any particular device that has an internet browser.
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