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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Go Green: Mobilink’s Environmental Friendly Solution

Recently, Mobilink initiates the Go Green environmental friendly solution to save the planet from gloabal warming. Focusing on the problem Mobilink trying to motivate their Indigo Customers to subscribe E-Bill rather than conventional billing system. By subscribing E-bill you can save Rs.25 every month which you are paying on your bill, and also a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
E-billing is more convenient and also reduced the cost of manufacture which are being used in Paper Bill and also safe the environment somehow. But what does Mobilink say about it, they spend millions of money in advertising and almost everywhere you can see the billboard and posters of  their brands. Is that all environmental friendly and how can only E-billing can safe us from environmental hazard. Yes it will reduce the Mobilink’s cost of production but not the safe the environment.
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