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Monday, 23 April 2012

How To Remove LOGO from Shahbaz Sharif Laptops?

Shahbaz Sharif’s 100,000 laptops for glowing students, announced by Punjab Government, are seeing a lot of controversy lately.
Ranging from the (buying) price of laptops to the humongous money spent on giveaway ceremonies to availability of Punjab Laptops on OLX, it appears that free laptops are being taken seriously by the (provincial) government and those who are opponents.
Today we are presenting a video, posted by someone on YouTube, that’s making rounds over internet. Its in fact a tutorial on how to remove the logo from Punjab Youth Laptops that are being given away to brightest of the students in the province.
Video shows that it hardly takes couple of minutes to get rid of Shahbaz Sharif Logo from laptops. I am not sure this is something legal or not, but many had already anticipated that this was bound to happen. Its kind of sorry state, but that’s how it is
Rest you can watch the video to know it better. Do comment in the box below to share your thoughts.
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