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Monday, 23 April 2012

Jazba Launches New Mobile Internet Bundles

Mobile Internet is probably the next big thing. After competing tirelessly with voice and SMS packages , mobile operators are now putting their energies towards mobile internet bundles that they offer to customers.
Keeping up with the trends, Jazz Jazba has offered new mobile internet bundles for its customers. Jazba is calling these bundles: “Youth GPRS Bundles”.
Main attraction of these bundles is monthly package that offers 1 GB download limit and is charged at Rs. 149.99 (no taxes applies). Keep reading to know further.
Check below table to have an understanding of Jazba’s daily, weekly and monthly mobile internet or GPRS bundles:

  • Balance inquiry string may get charged at per rates, i.e. 15 paisas plus tax.
  • No tax is applied on internet bundles
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