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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MegaGate Swipe T410 Review


Mobile market has become quite saturated as almost every manufacturer is hitting the market with handsets powered with similar features and falling in the same price range. Megagate Swipe T-410 is the latest phone launched by Megagate which aims to surpass others as it provides features of any other feature phone bundled with social networking apps and boasting a touch screen. Swipe T-410 is quite a handy mobile as it comes with dual SIM functionality and a distinctive design. It also accompanies a built in radio with recording feature allowing the users to record their favorite radio shows and songs.
The 3.5mm jack is means you can not only listen to media with the handsfree included in the package, but you can also use headphones of your favorite brand to enhance the music experience. The handset has been allocated an astonishing low price tag of Rs. 4,500 which will allow Megagate to attract youth and the low end mobile users who want to switch from their same old feature phones to something new and exciting.


  • Sturdy build
  • Attractive design
  • Dual SIM support
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 2.8” resistive touch screen
  • Good sunlight legibility
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth


  • Poor screen sensitivity
  • Too low internal memory
  • Poor quality handsfree


Megagate Swipe T-410 package includes the following:
    • Mobile
    • Handsfree
    • Charger
    • Data cable which plugs into charger
    • User Guide

Build & Design

Megagate usually comes up with a good build and elegantly designed handsets. Swipe T-410 has a sturdy build and rounded edges which will give you a good grip over this interestingly designed phone. The rounded edges and somewhat distinctive shape helps to differentiate it from a lot of other touch screen phones available in the market.
The front panel has an earpiece on the top with a 2.8 inches screen which can display up to 65K colors. There is a prominent Megagate logo just below the display screen. Below the screen you will find three physical buttons for call, call drop (also works as a power button) and in between both these buttons is an oval shaped back button.
On the top there is a 3.5mm jack and a microUSB port which can be used for data transfer as well as for charging your handset. On the left hand side there is no key available, whereas on the right hand side there is a volume key which can also function as a navigation button in menus. Sometimes it is hard to navigate and scroll up and down in phones with resistive touch screens, so the ability to use the volume rocker as a navigation button is really appreciable. On the back side there is a camera parallel to which is the speaker. Just below the camera there is battery cover and the logo of Megagate printed quite well on it.
Swipe T-410 comes with a standard battery of 1,000 mAh and on the top of battery cavity you can find the two SIM card slots and microSD card slot resting over each other. It could become quite difficult to insert any of the three slots if all of them are in use simultaneously. 

User Interface

Megagate Swipe has a beautiful and somewhat loud animation on the start-up. After the startup to unlock your screen you have to swipe from left to right. This feature is totally a look alike of Android lock screen which could be misleading if you start expecting it to perform like an Android device. You can swipe from right to left to toggle ringtone on and off, which is once again a ditto of Android OS stock lock screen. User interface is quite similar to that of Touch Wiz but the fact is that it is actually quite inferior to it. The phone has 3 home screens which can be swiped to change, however the shortcuts are fixed and cannot be changed.
You can find messages, video and Megagate icons on the main home screen along with date and time. The media player widget is on the left and radio is on the right home screen.


We were impressed with the good call quality and were able to converse with our friends and hear crystal clear voice. Other features include FM radio, FM radio recording and a basic media player. FM radio recording can be helpful for all those who love listening radio shows as it can record shows of your choice which you can listen later at any time.
Nowadays installing apps of your choice to your mobile seems a necessity, but we found out that there was no such option in the phone. Swipe T-410 has Twitter and Facebook apps but which failed to work and despite trying for many times we were unable to even login as it seems that both apps are browser based which do not function properly.
The phone comes with a 45 kb internal memory which is too low for a device with many features and functions as you cannot shoot videos and take snaps without inserting a memory card. Although it has an external memory card option but it does not justify the low internal memory.


Despite the fact that there are many issues with this device and its functions but considering the price tag for the mobile it can be safely judges as a reasonable cell phone. The call quality is great and the dual SIM functionality adds to the pros of the device.
The phone will be quite handy for most of the people who are fed up with their feature phones and want to switch to a touch screen phone as this could be a perfect stepping stone before opting for a medium to high end smart phone. But if you are an experienced user and are not tight on your budget then you should opt for some other high end smart phone.

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