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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Top managers of Telecom Foundation have fake degrees

It’s a dilemma in Pakistan that young and talented degree holders are refused to be accommodated in the government and private sectors. The refusal come from old, corrupt and illiterate people who are sitting at the helm of affairs.
According to a report published in Express Tribune, 6 officers on the top ranks in Telecom Foundation are said to have fake degrees. Out of these, one is general manager finance, general manager accounts, secretary and three others.
Some time earlier, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had written a letter a to MD Telecom Foundation asking him to provide the original documents of the officials as multiple employees were found to have fake degrees.
When Newspaper contact MD, Rashid Basheer Mazari, he confirmed to have received the letter and in compliance of the letter he had sent the documents of suspected employees to concerned universities and HEC for verification. Although, he has not received the reply from educational institutions, but, he said that strict action will taken if anyone found guilty.
I don’t know how many decision makers who decide the fate of this country and its people enjoy everything under their powers without meeting the very first criteria of merit. It is time that we should fix this once and for all.
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